DMAC | The market prospect of China’s car ownership topped 200 million
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The market prospect of China’s car ownership topped 200 million

The market prospect of China’s car ownership topped 200 million

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the living standard of the people, the rigid demand of cars has maintained strong demand, and the car ownership has maintained a rapid growth trend.By the end of June 2017, the number of motor vehicles in China reached 304 million, with the number of vehicles exceeding 200 million, reaching 205 million, according to the ministry of public security.

, however, our country each year the actual construction of a parking space far behind than the parking gap, six years accumulated new parking demand in 2009-2014, 97.4 million, six years of accumulated construction 43.35 million parking Spaces, gap around 54 million, a grim.

New trend of the future parking equipment, is a new material, based on the carbon fiber, glass fiber, space fire prevention materials, parking equipment, steel structure materials can be saved and flexibility, fire prevention, etc.;The second is the solar parking garage, which can also charge electric vehicles.The third is “modular” three-dimensional garage, suitable for meetings, events and other occasions, especially in areas with dense population density and inconvenient parking, easy assembly, container type and rapid movement;Four is humane care, with more than 40 degrees below zero weather in Harbin as an example, the garage building integration, heat preservation performance is good, with sweet waiting area, meet the needs of citizens access car winter low temperature.

In 2013, the total sales volume of 3d garages totaled 9.41 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.54 percent, according to data from the industry market demand analysis report released by the forward-looking industry research institute.In 2014, domestic sales totaled 10.78 billion yuan, up 14.47 percent year on year.Assumptions by 2020, car ownership in China to 300 million, average annual compound growth rate of about 15.05% over the next five years in industry, three-dimensional garage sales in the domestic 2020 will reach 2020 yuan, the market will usher in outbreaks.

China’s 3d garage market size forecast

Judging from the use of different types of stereo garages, the lifting and shifting mechanical garages occupy a dominant position, and the vertical and vertical lifting type achieves rapid growth.In 2015, most new mechanical berths were raised and shifted, accounting for 86.7%.The second is the simple lifting class, accounting for 5.7%;The plane moving class accounts for 4.6%;The roadway stacking class accounts for 1.2%;The vertical lifting class accounted for 1.6%;The circulation class (vertical + multilayer) accounts for 0.09%.

Compared with countries with more mature parking industries, China’s vertical lift (tower) products are low.In 2014, there were 4.75 million new mechanical berths in Japan, of which 2.95 million were raised and shifted, accounting for 62.14% of the total.The elevator type (vertical lifting type) is 8500, accounting for 17.89%.The upgrading of the horizontal displacement of the two sections of 5,670, accounting for 11.93%.Compared with Japan, China’s vertical and lift products account for only 1.6%, and there is a lot of room for development in the future.