DMAC | The characteristics of mechanical 3d garage are studied and applied
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The characteristics of mechanical 3d garage are studied and applied

The characteristics of mechanical 3d garage are studied and applied

Car production is the premise of the garage, with the continuous development of auto industry, the garage is transformed and developed, at present the research and application of mechanical stereo garage is becoming a hot spot of attention.

The characteristics of a mechanical 3d garage:

Is self propelled and mechanical vertical parking garage in two forms, the vehicle parked in daily and extraction process can use machinery to operate, the garage mechanic garage and the mechanical stereo garage is in the car and in the process of extraction in three-dimensional.

(1) save space

According to valid data, make full use of mechanical parking equipment can save up to twenty percent on traditional garage covers an area of space.In the traditional design of garage, need to set aside enough space for car traffic channel, this can make almost every car has more about 50 square meters around the ground traffic area, and make full use of mechanical stereo garage, the available space on the ground will be the highest rate increased to ninety percent.As a result, the ground will greatly increase the available space, to the space available resource to replace a lot of land resources, the limited land resources has been released, at the same time also can promote the civil development cost saving .

(2) to promote the flexible use of ground space

For the convenience of a car moving up and down, past the garage in the process of design needed a larger space to realize, because only the space is larger, can build a ramp to solve this problem, this requires that only when the land use area reaches five hundred square meters is to build the garage.The difficulty of carrying cars in cities is often expensive, and the construction of garages is heavily influenced by land area and economic factors.And mechanical stereo garage can be for construction in narrow space, the effective application of mechanical stereo garage, where urban parking difficulties in the form of a single container parking, can fully be save floor space to embody the advantages of .

(3) the parking fee is higher

Along with the rapid growth of economy in our country, the car ownership in recent years more and more families, the number of cars increases parking difficulty phenomenon more and more serious in our country, in this case, our country gradually in major cities construction and the implementation of the mechanical stereo garage, built in mechanical stereo garage, however, is not popular to receive from the owner of the car.One of the most important reason is that the cost of building mechanical stereo garage is expensive, lead to mechanical stereo garage after completion of the charge to the owner in the process of the price is also much more expensive than traditional garage, charge of mechanical stereo garage for people feel uneconomic., therefore, not only in the process of the development of mechanical stereo garage next to do give full consideration to the cost of its construction, but also for car owners to carry on the ideological education, will promote the advantages of mechanical stereo garage and use value, promote people gradually accept mechanical stereo garage, save the urban space, contributing to the urban construction