DMAC | Take stock of the world’s creative parking lots
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Take stock of the world’s creative parking lots

Take stock of the world’s creative parking lots

When it comes to discussing “sky-high” parking spots, there is a better solution abroad, let’s take a look at it.

Miami’s Ballet Valet parking lot is covered in grass, and the green tone makes people look happy.


Bookshelf resolutely standing between the heaven and earth “, and that’s the Kansas city public library in the parking lot. This parking lot is on the building surface, with 22 this classical literature hold up one day.


German Wolf fort (VFL wolfsburg), auto city, two 20 storeys high transparent glass round tower upright, building up and down or so have been a lattice grid partition, car just like general neatly placed in the tower model toys.Seeing such a parking lot, a “wow” is a must.

It is a factory that has a long history.Here, the pragmatic germans have built the most advanced and modern car manufacturing workshops.The two transparent parking towers have been likened to “the glass engine that hits the soul” in the motor city.


Tokyo’s “sea firefly” : floating on the sea “yacht”

Aqua-line, a highway across Japan’s Tokyo bay, connects kawasaki and chiba in kanagawa prefecture.Kanagawa prefecture side is the tunnel form, chiba prefecture is on one side of the bridge form, the connection of bridge and tunnel is the famous is a man-made island – “hotaru sea”.The “sea firefly” parking lot is one of the world’s few floating parking lots.