DMAC | Multilayer Circulation Parking System
DMAC Multilayer Circulation Parking System is a multi-layer cycle parking device, which can be set to the number of stored vehicles according to different requirement.
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Multilayer Circulation Parking System


DMAC Multilayer Circulation Parking System is a multi-layer cycle parking device, which can be set to the number of stored vehicles according to different requirement.Because the elevator connects different parking layers to the entrance, the vehicle only park to the entrance, the entire process of access will be automated by the system.


This Multilayer Circulation Parking System can be used on the ground or underground from 2 to 5-storey garage, to achieve a fast automatic security access vehicles.

DMAC Multilayer Circulation Parking System

Benefits of Multilayer Circulation Parking System

  • Fully enclosed construction, access to car safety is good
  • Can be achieved from 100 to thousands of large-scale parking capacity
  • Can be used for ground and underground garage, access to the car speed and are open forward, without reversing, U-turn and other actions
  • It has the characteristics of saving space, flexible design, varied modelling and convenient control and so on
  • With multiple safety precautions to ensure the safety of people and vehicles
  • It is easy to operate, both centralized management, but also by the customer's own operation
  • The maximum capacity of the vehicle is 2.8 tons, which can meet the demand of large and luxury vehicles
  • High degree of automation, fast processing, continuous out of storage, high parking efficiency. Many people can access the vehicle at the same time
DMAC Multilayer Circulation Parking System Effect


Main structure and machinery warranty for 18 months after delivery port.



1. Are you a factory?
Yes, we are a professional manufacture to supply the Car Parking System.


2. Can we get any discount?
Sure, only your quantity is big enough. And if you want to be our agent in your local area, more discounts and promotion measures will be available to help you expand the parking business.


3. Do you have any engineers oversea available?
Once we make the order successfully, we will send our engineers to instruct your installation of the car parking system, and within our warranty period, if there is any quality problem, we can also send engineers to solve it free of charge.



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