DMAC | Intelligent car park is oriented towards the internetzation and dehumanization
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Intelligent car park is oriented towards the internetzation and dehumanization

Intelligent car park is oriented towards the internetzation and dehumanization

Intelligent parking management system is a modern car parking fee and equipment automation management. The parking lot is completely under the unified management of computer high technology and mechanical and electrical integration products.Parking lot management system application field is very broad, the domestic various large or very large business charge for parking lot, airport, stadium, exhibition center), small and medium-sized business charge for parking lot (hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, theaters supporting), such as car park has a corresponding application, and the different parking lot on the system hardware and software requirements are different. Traditional parking lot only solved the problem of the access control management system, to the inside of the parking lot parking guidance, finding the car, quick access to functions such as beyond, and in this link is also payment methods on a single charge, artificial management efficiency is low, some problems such as charging hole, not to mention the parking lot, the overall system integration and optimal allocation of resources. There are several aspects to the development trend of smart car parks:

1.Cardiac parking sharing data, implement network break the information island, the construction of intelligent parking iot platform, realize the parking guidance, parking reservation, electronic self-help pay, fast access, and other functions.

2.Cardiac parking guidance system, parking guidance and reverse search cars rapid popularization, under construction in the parking lot is at present larger and larger, often more than thousands of parking lots, and such a large parking lot if there is no direct and making car system and by staff guidance, is a disaster for client, and management.

3.Left unmanned service gradually popular, due to China’s rapidly rising labor costs, in the past by parking lot Numbers management method is more and more not line, with reference to the development of foreign experience, the parking lot will be increasingly high degree of automation management gradually reduce, to realize unmanned service.

4.Cardiac cell phone car parking reservation, pay, search functions, such as smart phones and mobile Internet rapid popularization over the past two years, mobile Internet users has exceeded the fixed Internet users, and use of mobile phone order, to buy the tickets, download coupons, dating, and has been popular, so these applications in the parking lot will spread quickly.

5.His stereo garage, the urban population, large density, high land costs, with reference to countries such as Japan’s experience, three-dimensional garage has less land, high efficiency, in and out of the advantages of the convenient, will be rapid development.