DMAC | China’s the best parking garage, how high or deep is it?
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China’s the best parking garage, how high or deep is it?

China’s the best parking garage, how high or deep is it?

We can prolong the width of the life instead of the length of the life. It is a dictum from Gang Brother. Gang Brother has been practicing the dictum to present the Gang fans with the fruitful articles.

With the 20 million increase of the car population per year in China, the difficulty of parking is increasingly severe. To park the vehicle better, China has to build more parking garages. Because of limited land resources, the parking spaces are in short supply. So, the people begin to pay more attention to the space. Recently, Hangzhou and Zhengzhou have built China’s the deepest underground parking garage and the highest parking building.

Let’s have a look at the highest one:

In Zhengzhou, there is a 48-m 25-storey parking garage, able to park 250 vehicles.


The building is located in the southwest corner of zhengzhou Qin Linglu cotton road intersection, each parking space width is 2.38 m, length is 5.3 meters. By parking lot management operations, access to a car took an average of 95 seconds, need two minutes at most. You can rent a parking space for a long time, can also buy a parking space. In the middle of July, after acceptance, can be put into use.


Say to the ground, we’ll look at underground, recently launched tomb-raiding notes, when it comes to the ground, the elder brother of the cylinder (micro signal: kf12gang) in the mind a little excited…

The underground parking garage in Hangzhou, with the depth of 34m, needs 90 seconds to pick up the vehicle.


This parking garage, named “Miduqiao Road Underground Parking Garage, is located in the north gate of Hangzhou City under the green land of the northwest corner at the crossing of Hushu South Road and Miduqiao Road, with the site area of nearly 900 m2.

The parking garage has a vivid name – shaft-type stereo underground garage, which can be interpreted as “headstanding” the parking building and building the underground stereo garage.


This parking garage is 34m in height, with the storey height of 3m, equal to underground 11-storey building. By contrast, most of the underground parking garages being 2-3 storeys or 4 storeys.

This underground parking garage has 114 underground parking spaces, and 11 over-ground parking spaces for temporarily parking car, SUV, etc. After entering the underground parking garage, the driver only needs to park the vehicle at the designated position and then lock the vehicle, the system will find out a proper parking space for your vehicle. Picking up the vehicle is simple. You need to provide the parking information, and then wait for 90 seconds, the system will send the vehicle before you. It is said that the future parking space will be equipped with the bluetooth system, which sends the parking information onto the vehicle owner’s the mobile phone; when picking up the vehicle, the vehicle owner inputs the plate number to display the vehicle’s actual position, and the parking charge can be paid by on-line payment function like Alipay.

The major structure of the underground parking garage is expected to be completed in Dec. The parking charge is not yet determined. According to current standard, the parking charge is below 10 yuan/hour. Of course, long-term leasing, monthly payment, etc. shall not be excluded.

The expert said that the large multistorey parking garage, with small site area and high parking rate, is the future development trend.