DMAC | The intelligent car parking system is bound to be a trend in modern society
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The intelligent car parking system is bound to be a trend in modern society

The intelligent car parking system is bound to be a trend in modern society

Stereo garage will become a trend in modern society with the rapid development of cities, the number of private cars is increasing, according to the statistics, in 2015 has reached 172 million, and on the basis of sustained and rapid growth.In this environment, there is a serious lag in the supply of parking Spaces and the supply and demand contradictions are extremely prominent.In order to be able to solve the parking problem fundamentally, the intelligent car parking system was born and received wide recognition from all sides of the society.So what are the advantages of a stereo garage compared to a traditional flat garage?

Save space and cost

Compared with the traditional flat garage, the intelligent car parking system can save more space and cost.Is in addition to issue car parking difficulty mainly because of too little to parking space, generally speaking, common ground parking space around each in l5 square meters, underground parking lot each parking area is at least 25 square meters.The development of the stereo garage solves this problem.Circulating stereo garage a single set of garage system occupies only 2.5 traditional parking area, which can realize parked vehicles, parking vehicles are the traditional parking lot number eight times, it has a real covers an area of small, parking more purpose.

Intelligent car parking system is more intelligent and convenient

With the development of science and technology, high efficiency intelligence is the trend.In addition to the continuous innovation, the 3d garage has also made outstanding achievements in the field of intelligent applications.In the case of the circular stereo garage, it adopts PCL control, and the garage system has not only the advanced technology such as voice broadcast, indicator lamp guidance and touch screen control.Through computer simulation, can also insert “fancy” parking, so as to realize independent balance, the pilot in charge, when you pick up the car system will give preference to the shortest path, take car only a short time an average of 70 seconds.At the same time, the garage system combined with easy stop APP, can finish parking space booking by phone, path guidance, mistake, wrong peak parking, access and charging, online settlement operations, such as real realized intelligent parking and information technology.

Intelligent parking system is safer and more human

Compared with the traditional flat garage, the stereo garage is superior in both function and performance. new energy vehicles can be realized in the process of parking charging operation, don’t need to look for charging pile, so as to provide human nature to change more.In addition, the three-dimensional garage can be fully managed from the management, and it can be more effective to ensure the safety of people and vehicles than the traditional flat garage.It can greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents such as scratches, scratches and damage and theft.Its powerful resettlement garage system is more effective in solving the problems such as the occupancy of fire channel and the decrease of road capacity.