DMAC | Mechanical and Automated Parking System
It's time to get parking that make a difference. DMAC is a supplier for smart automatic parking system solution.
Automated parking System, Mechanical parking System
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We create
parking spaces

Traditional parking is getting harder and harder, on the contrary, mechanical automated parking is becoming more and more popular.

Space Efficient

DMAC Parking System can save up to 70% of the space required for a traditional parking lot, while also parking the same number of cars.

Cost Effective

DMAC Parking System can park more than twice the amount of parking in traditional parking lot.

Time Efficient

Customers don’t have to waste time and gas to find a parking space with a DMAC Parking System.

Safety & Security

The system will separate people and vehicles in the secure parking area, people can not enter inside the garage, which avoids injury to persons and damage or theft of vehicles.

User-friendly Operation

Automatic parking and picking up the car, one button to complete, do not have to find and remember where the car is parked.


DMAC Parking System can reduce CO2 emissions by 85% or more, because cars are turned off as soon as they enter the system.

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